This is US-why you need to watch?

Created by Dan Fogelman, "This is us" is a must watch family drama series. The story of Pearsons and their connections at multiple time periods will definitely reminisce the events of your life because we've all been there at least once in our lives.

This is US-why you need to watch?

Binge watching and chilling have been a thing now. watching back to back episodes of your favorite tv series and totally living in that world and feeling lost/depressed when the series is over, have you ever been there? If so, have you ever wondered how seriously they are impacting us, some entertain, some cheer us (friends), some take us into their world, and some inspires us, One such inspiring story is NBC’s This is us.


If you are already watching I haven’t got much to say you people, But if you aren’t then this is for you people.


As famously said by Tom Hanks: “life is a box of chocolates,  you never know what you’re gonna get” and it is totally true, you will experience the most unexpected things at the unexpected times in your life and it is beautifully depicted by Dan Fogelman with this beautiful series.

This is us-the story of pearsons.

this is us-jack pearson family

At some point or the other of our life, we all have been in this state.


People always endeavored for the acceptance of loved ones just like Randall waited for his acceptance in his family, or the acceptance of his biological father ‘s community (yeah he is adopted), or acceptance of his role by his adopted daughter.  


People Self Discovering themselves amidst boring careers, addictions and failed relationships just like Kevin had experienced in his life.


People lived with the regrets of misfortune past which shaped their present and surviving for the better future as kate Pearson doing with her hubby toby.


We all have faced such situations in our lives at least once.


Life is a constant battle and the series of ups and downs, everyone in their course of life had their ups and downs, that’s the essence of life I suppose, but the thing is how you gonna get up every time when you fall, some people are instinctively strong, but for some people there are superhero role models/incidents helped them in shaping their life. In the show, the character of Jack Pearson is such,  the main protagonist portrayed beautifully by Milo Ventimiglia.


The character of Jack Pearson is like any regular dad who loves his family, working hard to provide the best by making sacrifices, fighting addictions, giving up dreams, probably that’s why this show has been quite popular among users which depicted real-life incidents of people, Almost all of the situations in the series are easily relatable to real-life situations which gained almost 14 million subscribers and people are bragging about it on social media.


The thing that appeased me most is how each and small incidents in the lives of characters were beautifully linked with their past incidents with different timelines like the story of Randall flew to her sister Kate for her IVF or why kate afraid to adopt dogs or Miguel promise to jack of taking care of pearsons.


The reason it became quite popular among the audience is that the show beautifully depicted the lives of people, it feels so real that many can relate to it, If you aren’t already watching it, watch now I can assure you, you won't regret watching it instead you’ll thank me for suggesting this one.


P.s: For Indian viewers, if you want to watch the show it is airing in Hotstar on every Wednesday as per Indian standard time.