Quite a Hobby to adopt!!!

Quite a Hobby to adopt!!!

Feature image credits: Glauciasudan

People tend to have different hobbies, some may find coin collecting, some listen to music, some play sports and we find people with weird hobbies which will sometimes fascinate us and some may even stagger us. 

One such unusual couple with their weird, yet fascinating hobby is making a buzz all over the world.

 Ademir Avelino, 52, and Glaucia Sudan, 45, the Brazilian couple with travel lust have developed an intriguing hobby and were seriously following the YOLO(you only live once) and showing us that age is not a barrier to adopt new hobbies.

The couple hailing from Brazil married in 2014 was unable to have the wedding shoot at the time and they are making up for it by having the wedding reshot at the places they visit all over the world and pretending as if they've just got hitched again.

Isn't that strange! wearing the wedding gown all over again every time you visit a new place and pose for the shoot with the same  bridegroom....(:-p) 

 The couple, both business consultants recently posed for pictures on the iconic Paulista Avenue of Brazil's bustling economic hub Sao Paulo on Valentine’s Day and making us envy about their adventures by posting on Facebook and Instagram.