Adventures of Daddy and me-2018(@sbsolly and Zoe)

Adventures of Daddy and me-2018(@sbsolly and Zoe)

Probably you’ve heard about this Californian dad who hilariously takes photos of his daughter with costumes; if not, know about them now. Sholom ber Solomon is your average regular dad who adores his little princess. But he got his own style, with his witty nature he is making memories with his daughter through his funny photo shoots.

I suppose he was a witty way before his child was conceived, which is totally visible through his Instagram profile; " but including Zoe in the photoshoots made the whole thing a funny and cherishable moment" which he happily recited with the Daily Mail.

Let us look at some of his recent adventures with his daughter Zoe:


  • Babushka and clean undies:

Babushka and Clean Undies

  • Captain Sholom on Breakfast Air Flight at Zoe’s International:

Captain Sholom at Zoe's International

  • Chief Inspector Daddy on Duty:

Chief Inspector Daddy on Duty

  • The mermaid and her pupil:

The mermaid and her pupil

  • Devilish Zoe setting up a trap:

Devilish Zoe setting up a trap


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