White water rafting in South India(Dandeli).

Dandeli, a city in Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka is famous for white water rafting and jungle visits is definitely a must visit place. A perfect destination especially in summers, because of it’s adventurous water sports

White water rafting in South India(Dandeli).
White water Rafting in South India(Dandeli).

Adventurous sports will definitely kick up your adrenaline. India is a perfect place to participate in such adventurous sports because you can do everything here from skydiving to scuba diving; literally, everything, balloon rides, river rafting, paragliding, mountain expeditions, bungee jumping and what not, spread across all over the country. But the thing is not all activities have the luxury of being available at multiple locations(like you need to visit Pondicherry to do skydiving in India, last I checked it was the only place with sky diving in India). and there are few sports like river rafting that are available at multiple places and I've got a chance to experience it in Dandeli(Uttara Kannada).


White water Rafting, this adventure sport will definitely pump your adrenaline juices from your body.  As adventurous it sounds it is a dangerous activity where most people afraid to do. But don't be, because this place(Dandeli) is one of the safest places for river rafting. When I said safe that doesn't mean  I'm taking the fun out of it, it is as adventurous as every other track available in the country( maybe I am exaggerating you need to experience it by yourself)


Located over the River Kali in the Western Ghats, Dandeli a city with wildlife sanctuary with abundant wildlife that includes jaguars, tigers, elephants. The white water rafting track at Dandeli stretched about 12 km, they offer services two times a day morning and evening. In the morning they start at 9 AM and only local vehicles are allowed to the venue/starting point. For that, you need to pay an additional amount.


When arrived they demonstrate safety precautions and tips of what to do and what not to do. The complete ride takes more than 4 hours and the track can be classified into grade 2 and grade 3 rapids which are ideal for both professionals and amateurs. While Grade 2 rapids are easy passages but the grade 3 rapids require expert steering and an eye for detail for passing ways. As said before it is safest as well as adventurous. Even non-swimmers like me can also enjoy the ride without any second thoughts.


The adventure is a hands-on experience one must definitely explore. The clean and fresh water gushing amidst the dense forest with beautiful sceneries and adrenaline pumping adventurous rapids.




How to reach there: I traveled from Bangalore to Dandeli via bus.


Btw The place is well connected to other major cities in the country via roads. However, there aren’t any train and airways directly connected to the city.


You can fly to the nearest city Hubli where you need to board another bus or local transport. Similarly railways, the nearest station is 28 km from the Dandeli.


Accommodation: You can easily find affordable accommodation over there, the place is filled with hotels, resorts, home stays, jungle stays. You have many choices to choose from. There are a few resorts that are available on the banks of the river. You can have the perfect view of the flowing river from your dormant.

The place I stayed is also a beautiful place worthy to its title “pepper paradise” a homestay with greenery all over the place filled with hazelnut, mango, banana trees, the place is quite refreshing.


Overall the place is a perfect destination to try adventurous sports in south India, especially in summer, because the place is completely filled with water sports, kayaking, zorbing, ziplining, jacuzzi bath, boating along with white water rafting.