Travel Dating sites-Tinder For Solo Travelers.

Love Travel with a companion, worry not! these travel dating sites let you hook you up with people who have similar interests of yours.

Travel Dating sites-Tinder For Solo Travelers.

The zest for solo traveling is always been there for people at least for most of them, some travel with passion, some travel to have me time/ or to self-discover themselves. However amidst, people at least once in their course of journeys would think of having a companion, especially opposite gender with similar interests. But, it’s difficult to find, even though if you found in your acquaintances (like in family or friends) sometimes it doesn't work like different schedules or different interests. But don’t worry nowadays there are many sites that are gonna hook you up with people just like dating apps(tinder) but for travelers/travel enthusiasts. All you need to do is sign up with these sites and seek out people who are interested in traveling with you with same travel Itinerary. Let us look at some of the travel cum dating sites.


Miss Travel:

The main motive of Miss travel is to help wanderlusts to find travel companions also to find love opportunities, with more than 1 million subscribers all over the world, Miss travel is the leading travel dating site. There are two types of category members that comes under Miss travel app, one who wants to find a travel partner other who want to travel for free, yes you heard it right, you can travel for free, many attractive members desire a lavish lifestyle and enjoy spending time with wealthy people who provide companionship and access to the best that life has to offer and the other, who are seeking for travel companion with generosity will provide their travel expenses or they can spend their own expenses.


Tour Bar:

Another travel dating site, that lets you meet with travel buddies of same gender or opposite. The best thing about this site is it helps you connect with local people where you wanna travel, after all, who can be better travel guides than locals living there. Even TourBar is similar to that of miss Travel, people can either share expenses or sponsor to others.



This travel dating site is priding themselves as the community with 100% true profiles. With their profile verification process, the profiles in the THD are genuine and keep escorts and scammers out of the website. This site lets you share all your travel itinerary in the interactive map so that other members can know about them and people interested in your itinerary can join you. This lets you connect new people easily. This site also has many features like video chat, Chatroulette and much more.

Well, what's stopping you people, join now and connect with your travel companion.