Decisions!!! Will they be right all the time and How to Ensure it?

Decisions or decision making is always done by analyzing the factors that will affect the possibilities of outcomes, sometimes we even consider our intuition and sometimes our dear ones take on behalf of us when we are unable to make. But will they turn out right? find it out.

Decisions!!! Will they be right all the time and How to Ensure it?

Decisions!! When reminiscing, we all were in a situation where we have made decisions thought that gonna alter our life to good or bad. Well, then how did it turn out for you? Probably not the expected I guess, at least for some of them.  But that didn’t stop from make life-altering decisions I suppose.

Basically, decision making is done by analyzing the factors that will affect the possibilities of outcomes, sometimes it might be sheer intuition or our dear ones who always have our back no matter what.

We encounter situations in our day to day lives or observe people around us, whether it is the career choosing decision we want to take or the attire we want to dress up for a party. how many of these decisions are gonna work in favor of us (well, in favor means, that will gain you materialistic or spiritual happiness)  ..? frankly speaking, that's the essence of life being able to respond to situations which didn’t go as planned is the real deal. Being able to react and adapt to Situation like this makes us a better human being

Personally, even the choices I made in my life totally never worked for me, whether it is about the career decisions or personal decisions I made and apparently for the most of them I guess. To put it simply, why would it be called as life when everything you want to do is already pre-defined or destined? And many still believe that destiny is pre-defined, but it isn’t, even though we take perfect decisions in our entire lives we still can’t expect the results in favor of us all the time, but that shouldn’t stop us going forward, no matter what happens, life goes on….But we can make it the best with our actions, as Gaur Gopal Das beautifully explained, the choices or situations we encounter never define our destiny, but how do we respond to such choices or situations will define our destiny. Whatever may be we’re stuck with the decisions we made up in the past shouldn’t define us and our destiny, we can change it with our actions.

So, as right decisions will ever never be right all the time and that shouldn’t stop us from trying new risks in life whatever consequences we may face.


To put it simply, life is a very simple  but we do complicate it by our decision makings; But remember, everything we are today is because of decisions we made in the past, some may have been a hit and some not, but guess what, no matter what you end up with, life moves on and your destiny is defined by the actions you choose.


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