Single or Ready to Mingle? But Don’t Crumble.

Single and ready to mingle, but don't crumble!!! because there's no sense in committing to a relationship when it's no good. So give a deep thought of what you're getting into.

Single or Ready to Mingle? But Don’t Crumble.

You are single and you see a lot of people around you in a relationship and a few of them in multiple relationships and we do get thoughts like “what’s wrong with me”, why don’t I have a girlfriend and a lot more. This urge or feeling to move from single to a relationship is something that actually keeps us driving crazy. When you see someone holding hands or sharing cute kisses, you do wish for the same but you are single and maybe friend-zoned or bro-zoned.

But the real question is does it worth all the fuss about being single or the urge to be in the relationship with all the desolation of thoughts of being alone plus are you ready to be in a relationship. Because the relationship is something that needs responsibility, care, share, commitment, love. Because when you are considering a relationship it is either because you want a partner with whom you wanna cherish moments for the rest of the life or the hormones that gushing out of you seeking for a partner( the lust for significant other).

However staying single or committed is definitely inevitable, but the thing is, are you happy with your relationship status? 

Many people who I’ve countered always blabber about their relationship status that they are proud singles or happily committed, but in reality, the proud singles were once in a relationship, who can’t get over the past or people afraid to reach out, and committed people on the other hand cheat  or maintain toxic relationship with their partners,again this status depends on the way You be.

So, there is no point of staying in the relationship, when you are not happy, whether you are single or ready to mingle whatsoever, just try to be happy and give a deep thought of what you are getting into rather than regretting later and don’t be committed to a decision because of external factors.