Music festivals to look after in India in 2018-19

The Best Music Festivals in India, where everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime because life ain't cheap, you need to fill it with memories, Yeah I know even money ain't cheap to earn, but what better assets you can have rather than memories in life. YOLO-Live the life to the Fullest.

Music festivals to look after in India in 2018-19

Before starting, let me ask you guys how many of you love to go for live concerts or EDM music festivals, at least once in life may be? Probably, everyone, I guess. If yes, then I got you happy news people. In India, we got exceptionally great international standard music festivals since the last decade and we got you some of the best ones you would like to visit. On no particular order first on the list is Ziro.

Ziro Valley:

Ziro valley, the beautiful world heritage site has become a beautiful host for outdoor music festival since 2012. It was initially started by Bobby Hano and Anup kitty. Journey to the festival is an adventurous trip and the event is a four-day event, where you can camp near the fest itself as they provide the facility or you can do it by yourself. If not you can stay in nearby villages. The valley which is located in the foothills of Himalayas is a paradise to visit and with music, in your ears, you can completely go into trance. There will be some moments in life where one needs to experience and we believe events like this should be experienced at least once in life.


27-30 September.

NH7 Weekender:

One of the biggest music festivals in India, NH7 Weekender is hosted in multiple cities, in 2017 it was hosted in 7 cities and its 2018 schedule is yet to be announced. Hosted by OML (only much louder) entertainment is debuted in the year 2010. With the lineup of both desi and International artists, the festival has gained the national wide popularity.


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Sunburn Hills:  

The biggest music festival in India which attracts more than 3,50,000 attendees, which doesn’t need any introductions and yes I ’m talking about Sunburn, one of the most famous EDM festival in Asia. To be particularly said, many teenagers and youth all over the country and also world wish to visit this festival at least once, because of the artist lineups it had and the venue it is being hosted and the ambiance you get. Still, you haven’t got time to visit, then make time to visit, because it will provide you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  The venue and dates for 2018 have yet to be announced.


To follow their updates check out their facebook page.

Sula Fest:

Hosted by Sula vineyard is an annual music festival held in Nashik, it is a two-day event. Started in 2008, the festival offers music, food, camping and drinks, especially wine where they name for. Also, the attendees can participate in grape stomping. To be simply put, it is one of the best party destinations for travelers with wine, music, food, camping and the venue. Sadly the dates for 2018 are already completed but stay tuned for 2019.


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Magnetic Fields:

The grand Alsisar palace located in Alsisar, a small town in the northwestern part of Rajasthan has been the host for the festival since its inception in 2012. The Three-day festival was very much successful and recently it completed its fifth edition with international artists which attracted more than 3000 visitors. The festival is a complete package with its grandeur host, secret parties, scenic views and the complete festival ambiance. Generally, the festival is held in December month of every year and dates for 2018 are yet to be announced.


To Be Announced.


One more beautiful music festival that is being held in the great Indian desert; Ragasthan which was debuted in 2012, although it was planned way before. The festival is held in the middle of the desert, where the accommodation is provided in camps, which will be set up by them or else you can set up your own. It is a three day event with many outdoor activities.  To be put, attending this festival is considered to be a feat with the hot scorching sun during the day and cold nights in the middle of the desert.


Sadly the dates for 2018 are completed. For further details Check out their website.

EVC carnival:

Enchanted Valley carnival is another biggest music festival that we had, been debuted in the year 2013 in the Aamby valley city. It is the first festival in Asia to be held on Airstrip. The event include varied genres like pop, Bollywood, EDM, fusion, Indie with both international and local artists, along with music the fest also offers adventurous sports activities like all-terrain vehicle riding, bungee jumpingzorbingrock climbingrappelling, 4x4 jungle safari, zip linehot air ballooning, water sports  and many more activities. Overall the event is a complete destination travel. The main event is followed by a couple of after party lineups all over the country with similar kind of artists.


The dates for 2018-19 are yet to be announced, For details Follow here.