Facts you might have already heard about the Royal Duchess (Meghan Markle)of Sussex !! If not, know here.

Since her engagement with Prince Harry, the royal Duchess of Sussex has been the buzz in the Internet world. Know some of the facts of Meghan Markle, which you might already hear about them, if not read here

Facts you might have already heard about the Royal Duchess (Meghan Markle)of Sussex !! If not, know here.

On 19th of may, we have witnessed the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which was the third most watched wedding and people are still bragging about it all over the social media and news channels. And the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) has become the buzz for the media since her engagement with Prince Harry (Now duke of Sussex). But let me tell you some facts which may have known earlier, if not you have new information about the Duchess of Sussex

Age difference:

Duchess Megan Markle is three years older than Duke Harry. At the time of marriage, they were 36 and 33 years old.


Well, how many of you know that it isn’t her first marriage with Prince Harry. Yes, Way before in 2011 she married Trevor Engleson, a film producer. Sadly it was ended after two years and the couple split quietly.

She stopped acting:

After her engagement, she announced that she will quit her acting. Which she profoundly said that she isn’t giving up anything but she is considering it as a change. Apart from acting she also quit her all social media profiles she had.

She fought against gender discrimination at age 11:

At early in her childhood she fought for women’s rights when a commercial ad which portrayed women were only confined to the kitchen and doing dishes, she outwardly raised her concern on the issue and wrote a letter to the concerned people, for which they responded and altered the Ad.

She is foodie:

Although she is yoga fan and regularly does yoga she proclaimed herself as a foodie. Which she revealed with Marie Claire.

She was on Deal or No Deal at number 24:

Before her famous role in Suits, she worked on Deal or No Deal as a briefcase girl at number 24. Although she didn’t like doing it, she did to meet daily errands.

She ran a blog "theTig":

She is the founder of lifestyle blog TheTIG, which she started in 2014, After the public announcement of her relationship with prince harry, she bid farewell to the blog.

Her sister is writing a book:

As we all got to know her relationship with her half-siblings; her half-brother’s controversial letter to Harry and her sister comments about Meghan Markle had raised some squabble. Since she announced her upcoming book about her sister with a working title “the diary of princess pushy’s sister” is eyeing everyone’s attention.

Her family isn’t invited:

Other than her mom and dad, no one was invited to the royal wedding in her family and her mother was the only one attended the wedding. Due to health issues, her father was unable to attend it; none of her cousins were invited to the wedding.

Her ring is designed by Prince Harry:

The ring that was used in the marriage, where Harry proposed Meghan was a custom made one and it was designed by Prince Harry himself.


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