Common traits of happy people.

When observed, we can see happy people have some inherited personality traits which keep them happy always. Let us look at these characteristics, which can help you stay happy by adopting them.

Common traits of happy people.
Common Traits of Happy People.

Happiness isn’t that what we all living for, yet it short-lived us every time when figured we had it. But that’s not true for everyone, some people, they always seem happy, not only they seem, but they really are. When we look at those people, we can find these common personality traits that keep them happy, actually, there are few studies that support these claims. Let's look at some of these traits :


These people are always grateful for things they had, indeed it is very essential for happiness. We, humans, have a tendency that No matter how much we had, we always seek more, that leads despair sometimes. However, it’s not wrong to seek, but we also need to be grateful and happy with the things we had so far and show little gratitude.


In Fact, I’ve observed a few people in my friends' circle who have so much positivity in their lives, even in their worst cases, they seem to worry less and stay strong. Sometimes I feel envious about them, how strong they stay irrespective of their situations, indeed these qualities will let people stay calm and less worrisome.

Lives in Present:

As said by Lao Tzu “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” Well, peace can definitely bring you happiness. If you observe these people, they always enjoy the present moments, leaving their past behind and ain’t worrying about the future.


An optimist is a person who tends to be hopeful, confident and always look on the bright side of the future, with that kind of attitude you got nothing to be stressed about. An optimistic person always feels confident and happy, by leaving behind pessimistic thoughts.


Freedom is a commodity, that many can’t afford. Responsibilities (financial, societal, parental….) can sometimes confine you away from your freedom. Yes, they confine you! sometimes. But by having freedom, you can live your own life without any restrictions. Well, how you live your life totally depends on you,(that’s the different thing to discuss) but freedom can let you do things that make you happy.

Being Healthy:

Many people haven’t considered it but Happiness and health are more closely related than you might think!  yes, you heard it right A healthy lifestyle have effects that can affect your physical and mental health. You can observe by looking at some of the old people, at this age they still seem confident, worry less. When asked they might point out the reason, relation between health and happiness.

Having Purpose:

Living life without a purpose isn’t a meaningful one, One should articulate purpose in life. Purpose guides your life and helps you reach your goals. Reaching goals can make you happy(not certainly), but happy. Who won’t be happy by accomplishing goals right, however, in the process sometimes you may feel setback. But with positivity and optimistic behavior you can be really happy and proud of yourselves.