To My Super Hero- Happy Father's Day.

Not all superheroes wear capes and fly, so does my dad. And a single day isn't enough to celebrate to recognize the contribution that fathers make to the lives of their children and yet they are confined to a single day because they don't expect much in return and that's what dads do since the ages. Happy Father's Day.

Dear Dad,

I think I’m matured enough to realize that the superheroes I admired all my childhood were no superheroes, but the one that has been in my life was the real one.

The one who cares, save, protect, sacrifice, struggle, and work hard; just to keep people happy. We know we are your world dad and you would do anything to guard us and successfully provided us with a beautiful world and I know the path wasn’t easy, the quest to reach your goals, the dreams you hoped for, the joy you wished for were completely sacrificed to provide us a safe and happy world and you’ve succeeded.

Like every other dad(most of them), even your love is a covert affair, it was always shown through your actions and Seldomly you were even hard on us, as a kid up then I have misunderstood you,  the real superheroes have been overshadowed by them it is not very recently that I understood what a responsibility is and how you have been trying so hard live this monotonous life whether you like it or not, doing for us. but now I realize that you have been more than a super hero to me by being my guide, my first teacher and even you prepared us to face the world, because a super hero won’t save my ass all the time, sometimes the moment comes where I need to be my own super hero.

Although you are a mere mortal doing extraordinary things in life, I never exhibited my love towards you and that doesn’t mean I love you no less; you are the most important people that I care for in my entire life. And I believe father’s day is just another day in our lives because loving you more on one day and little less on the other days won’t change the fact that how important of a person you are in my life and If it does, then every day would be celebrated as a father’s day dad.

 With love-To my superhero……