Camping in Hyderabad(Koil Sagar)

Koil Sagar, just located at the outskirts of the Hyderabad is a perfect getaway place for camping, stargazing. The picturesque place surrounded by hills with a lake in between is definitely a perfect getaway.

Camping in Hyderabad(Koil Sagar)

Camping under sky and stargazing…..who doesn’t love it. Just disconnecting from the world and looking out at the infinite space and let go of worldly thoughts for a moment and just passing the moment. Who hasn’t thought about it; at least once they might?

Well, recently I got a chance to do so, living in Hyderabad it’s difficult to find a decent place to go camping because I suppose there aren't any such places in Hyderabad. However, around the outskirts of Hyderabad, we have more than a couple of places to do camping. Ananthagiri hills( vikarabad), koil Sagar, ethipothala near Nagarjuna Sagar…

These places are very near, just 100-150 km journey to Hyderabad.

I’ve got a chance to go to koil sagar, and done camping in a lake view. Koil Sagar, a perfect getaway for city dwellers, just located 150km from the city near  Deverakadra Mandal in Mahabubnagar District.

The beauty of this place is water surrounded by hills with serene beauty. A perfect place for camping and barbeque night with star gazing.


How to reach there:

The best way to reach there is through your own transport. I traveled on my two-wheeler I, along with a couple of people started in the afternoon and reached there around 5:30 PM,(it's better to reach there before dark because there won’t be any light as it will be difficult to set up your tent in dark ) by making a couple of stops in between the journey.     

By the time we reached there, it was almost evening and the sunset was beautiful.


Where to Stay:

Setting up your tents and staying in tents is your best bet, there won’t be any accommodation available near the attraction spots, But if you need anything you need to visit the village, which is around 1km from the camping area.

There are many travel organizers that are setting up treks to these places on weekends so you can approach them. Where they will bring tents and set up for you, along with food.

Koil Sagar and Dam

However if you don’t want to go with crowds you can go solo, there are many rental companies that are providing camping gear, you can use them. (but I warn you the place is so calm and there won’t be any people within reach especially during nights so it’s better to go with the crowd.)

We set up our tents and campfire, took some clicks and had some random conversations with the fellow people.

The best part of the camp is star gazing, without any sight of artificial light near the camp area, this picturesque place is a perfect spot for stargazing.

Shooting star.

Overall the place is the perfect spot for your weekend getaway especially for the city dwellers staying in Hyderabad. With its serene beauty, you can be relaxed, stay calm and cherish the moments.