7 travel gadgets that you need to consider when you’re going on your next trip

The best thing about the travel gadgets is they are cool and they let you travel very comfortable. Well, I present you 7 cool gadgets that will help you to travel very comfortably for your next journey.

7 travel gadgets that you need to consider when you’re going on your next trip

Trends have been changed; people are more interested in travelling, especially millennial’s are more into backpacking. Many of them, with the financial stability they have, they are being able to afford such travel luxuries. On average the vacation expense per person in the United States is $1,145(forbes). It shows how much people are into escaping their busy schedule work for a perfect getaway tour.  But what if the tour you planned does not go well, or you don’t have perfect gadgets to make your tour successful;  well, we got a solution for you; we found perfect gadgets for you to carry with you from your next journey onwards.

Scrubba wash bag:  

 Portable washing machine

First on the list is Scrubba wash bag, it is termed as the smallest washing machine you can carry with you everywhere. If you’re backpacker, travels very often and not interested in carrying heavy luggage, then definitely scrubba wash bag is your go to partner. Look how it can be useful for you.

VSSL Flask Flashlight:

Vssl Flask flashlight

Caffeine addicts and  tea addicts, I think it is a must carry gadget for you people, this multipurpose flask consists of built in flashlight along with a compass,  in case if you get stranded or wander off cheeky. I suppose this will serve the travelers perfectly when they go for hitch hiking in the mountains.


Go Girl

With women being more independent in lives are tending to travel solo all over the world, but the world isn’t ready yet to accommodate needs for one to travel comfortably, especially for privy needs.  It’s often too difficult to find a lavatory at everywhere you travel. So they come up with a solution for women travelers: GoGirl,  which is a female urination device to solve your privy needs while you travel.



This gadget is definitely going to be a fan favorite for travel bloggers. Bloggers often work when they travel and they need to access the internet all the time. Skyroam is super fast global 4G LTE hotspot with embedded power bank, one pocket-sized solution for all your WiFi needs.You can stay online all day long with 16+ hours of battery life. Keep your gadgets charged on-the-go with the 6000 mAh power bank.

Camelbak Unisex All Clear UV Purifier Bottle  

Water Purifier

If you’re a backpacker, then you may know how difficult for you to get the access to clean drinking water while travelling. Well, Camelbak unisex all clear UV purifier bottle is a perfect solution for your drinking water problem. This tool helps by purifying water and provides you clean and safe water to drink. Look how it works.


Digital camera

 According to National geographic, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark II is one of the best compact camera for travelers. This camera is a perfect gadget for travelers to capture their beautiful travel moments. Check out  review of the camera.

Tylt power packback: 

Tylt Power pckback

Are you a globetrotter; who often travels, whether it’s a business trip or adventure trip, then you know how difficult is to charge your gadgets because of unavailability of charge stations or time. Tylt brought you a flawless solution to this problem; which is the Tylt energi pro power backpack. It perfectly suits its tagline, “power on the go.” You can charge your devices while you’re travelling.  


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