Introverts!!Don’t try to blend into this extrovert world. Be yourself.

Introverts, don't try to blend into this extrovert world. Be yourself, As Stephen Hawking said " Quiet People have the loudest voices," let your voice be heard.

Introverts!!Don’t try to blend into this extrovert world. Be yourself.

Have you ever been fed up with people asking you why you are quiet all the time or why are you so rude or anti-social? Or People making assumptions about your life, how silent or tedious it is.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone; actually, every one in three in the world is an introvert. That means every third person (including mecheeky) you meet is an introvert.

But, is it really true that the misconceptions that the world has about us.Let us find out.

Actually, what is it to be like an introvert? Let me clear you some misbeliefs about us:

  • It’s not true that we don’t like to talk. Our conversations are very straight to the point, no extra talk, but if we find a person with the same interests then we’re completely lost in our words.
  • It’s not true, we aren’t antisocial. We socialize in our own ways like reading books, watching Netflix or hanging out with old friends, yes you heard it right, even we do hang out with friends but we have very limited friends with similar interests.
  • We aren’t rude. As said earlier our conversations are very straight to the point. We won’t talk to interact, we interact to talk.
  • Especially we aren’t shy and cowards. The thing is we are afraid of ignorance and rejections. For instance, when we bring all the courage to initiate a conversation with a stranger of opposite/same-sex; their ignorance or rejection will daunt us and its impact stays long time, sometimes forever. Because according to Eysenck theory, the introverts have high set points compared to remaining ones. Read complete story here.

Often you may have faced difficulties but it isn’t that weird to be an introvert, we do have our own special moments/memories.We like the company of ourselves. We are not anti-social; we just like socializing with right people. We are reserved, we are thinkers not talkers, we come up with our own unique solutions to the problems we encounter in this extrovert world.

 Susan Cain, quiet: The power of an Introvert.

Well, these may be the personal experiences of an introvert. Even experts have a word for us, it isn’t that weird overall to be an introvert, they have a theory for that.  Susan Cain, the writer, lecturer and author of a famous non-fiction book, Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. According to her, don’t make them feel guilt because of their introversion, give them a chance.  Introverts turn out to be great entrepreneurs. With proper guidance and help, they can lead successful lives. Many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela are introverts and they turned out be great in their lives.

Many have a perception that introverts are dumb because of their silence, not every introvert you find is dumb, they are just silent, they only showcase when it is most needed and often they are good listeners and great story tellers. As said earlier they turn out to be great entrepreneurs, bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page and real life tony stark (Elon musk) are also the introverts. They are shy, but not afraid to do things that matters most to them.

So that doesn’t mean if you’re an extrovert you doesn’t have to feel bad about yourself cheeky as you’re not that special as an introvert. What we intend to say is everyone is unique with their own specialty. If you’re an introvert then be it, don’t try to blend into this extrovert world. Be yourself. As Stephen Hawking said "Quiet People have the loudest voices," let your voice be heard.